Catherine’s Square

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Catherine’s Square by e-Scooter ZG

Just three minute e-Scooter ride from Electric Scooter Zagreb shop, Dominating Catherine’s Square (Katarinin trg) is Zagreb’s most beautiful Baroque church.

The church was built by the Jesuits in the first half of the 17 th century. It consists of a single aisle with six side chapels, and a sanctuary which ends with a grand Illusionist mural modelled on the one found in the “Il Gesu” Jesuit church in Rome. The chapels hold five wooden Baroque altars from the second half of the 17 th century, and one made of marble in 1729. The church façade was reconstructed by Hermann Bollé after the 1880 earthquake.

The Jesuits, a Roman Catholic religious order known for their scientific and educational activities, founded the first Humanistic Secondary School in Zagreb in the year 1607. The school provided a humanistic education for hundreds of students from all walks of life, from children of farmers and city folk to children from noble families.

The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery is housed in the former Jesuit monastery on Jesuit Square (Jezuitski trg), which got its name after the religious order that was invited to Croatia by Croatian noblemen. The monastery complex stands next to St Catherine’s church and was built in stages throughout the 17 th and 18 th centuries. Named after the famous Croatian miniature painter Julije Klović (1498-1578), the gallery hosts large-scale art exhibitions by both domestic and international artists. On the opposite side of the square from the gallery is the "Fisherman" sculpture by Simeon Roksandić. It adorns the Upper Town’s first fountain, built in 1911.

Behind St Catherine’s church there is a beautiful view from Gradec towards Kaptol, the cathedral, Dolac market and the main square. The monumental dome of Mirogoj cemetery and the green foothills of Mount Medvednica are clearly visible in the distance.

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